It’s Not Easy Being Small

I should know, I’m one of you. You know: the little people. The ones whose sleeves fall just a little too long, whose pant legs get a little too scrunched at the ankles, whose dresses are never quite as short as they ought to be – at least according to the statuesque model flaunting her bare knees at you from the ad, promising “No really! This would look great on you too!”

Lies upon lies. Well, some of the time, anyway. What’s a girl to do besides hack and sew to suit one’s proportions? You could hire a tailor. You could also shop exclusively Ann Taylor petite for the rest of your life. But if you’re like us, you crave a bit more expediency, variety, and youthfulness… no offense to Ann T.

Irene and I are two ordinary women in our early thirties. We’re both petite, pregnant, and on an ongoing mission to look our best in spite of impending motherhood, our less-than-Amazonian statures, and anything else life wants to throw our way. We want to share the most practical advice we know on how to curate a flattering wardrobe and look amazing no matter how height-challenged you are, how pregnant you may be, and maybe even help you save a couple bucks along the way. We’ll review petite-friendly retailers one by one, share some of our very favorite finds and outfits, and together, we’ll celebrate exactly what it means to be a Five Foot Wonder.


Eve & Irene


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