Almost Sweater Weather

Ah, fall. My favorite season, and possibly the most comfortable for pregnancy. And it can be one of the most stylish, too.

Almost Sweater Weather

The black jeans in the set aren’t maternity, but you should be able to find bump-friendly versions at your retailer of choice. On top, a graphic blouse presents a nice twist on basic white. A-line or trapeze coats are your friend in cooler weather! You can very possibly keep wearing them even after your little one has exited, and I love ogling this one from Toast for its lovely color and clean lines. (More on Toast in a future blog post. Or ten.) And if you’re cold, a white cabled beret can cover your tresses.

I chose black booties to finish off the lines of your legs–especially important if you’re petite!–and a coppery nail polish as a nod to the season. Speaking of, I also recommend a nice simple crossbody to go with this outfit–the easier to hold a pumpkin spice latte with. (Look. You’re allowed a little caffeine. Might as well have the best.) ♥

Love fall? Hate pumpkin spice? Let us know!


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